52404cd952fc71379945689-34Albania is located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered to the northwest by Montenegro, Kosovo to the northeast, west of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and southern Greece. West doused with Adriatic and Ionian seas and located only 78 km from Italy across the Strait of Otranto. The total area is 28,748 square kilometers. Albania’s coastline length is 476 km (296 mi). The 70% of the country that is mountainous is rugged and often inaccessible from the outside. The highest mountain is Korab situated in the district of DibĂ«r, reaching up to 2,764 metres (9,068 ft). The climate on the coast is typically Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and warm, sunny, and rather dry summers.
Its capital is Tirana. Albania is small Mediterranean country, with virgin nature and cultural mysteries, which combine to create a unique sense of place. Albania has wonderful landscapes in all seasons of the year. This is favored by upland and Lowland Mountain it has thus creating different mountainous tourist areas, coastal, cultural and historical. Albania has a potential in tourism development, there is an increase in the number of foreign tourists from around the world.

In Albania, visitors are welcomed as guests, as part of the traditions, culture and rich heritage of the country. Warm hospitality of Albanians, known around the world, will make any traveler feel at home in this wonderful little place. There are many excellent beaches, spectacular mountains, valleys and rivers, scenic and other natural surprises for visitors. Some of the country’s major cities are located along the Adriatic and Ionian coast. The cultural and historical tourist areas, tourists can see and experience the ancient past of Albania and traditional culture.