Berat – National Museum “Onufri” is located in Berat medieval castle. From 27 February 1986 Onufri National Museum is located in the inner part of “Saint Mary Church”. This museum is organized in Virgin Mary cathedral, built in 1797 on the foundations of an older church with the same name. It contains a rich iconographic collection and some religious service items.

The museum collection is constituted with 173 objects chosen from a fund of 1500 objects, belonging to the fund of Albanian Churches and Monasteries as well as to Berat, where you can find 106 Icons and 67 Liturgical objects, created from Albanian Iconographical painters during XIV-XX–th Centuries: Onufri, Onufri’s son, Nikola, Cypriot Onufri, David Selenica, Kostandin Shpataraku and Cetirs (Gjergj, Johan, Nikola, Naum and Gjergj junior) and from a lot of anonymous painters. Icon holder of Berat Cathedral is inscribed by master Naum from Lavdar, Opar and Master Stefan Braka from Misras, Opar in the middle of XIX-th Century.