Berat – The Ethnographic Museum was organized in the year 1979, in an old building with Berat country architecture of the type; residence with a lobby. This type of residence is built essentially from the class of owners, who lived in the city in feudal times. It is a two-storied residence, with a lobby on one side. The basement is uninhabited.The connection with the second floor is made with a staircase, made of store on one side, built over the lintel in store arch. As far as the time is concerned, it is dated back to the XVIII Century.

It’s part of the country creation over all idealized and built from the country masters. The main attraction of this residence is the open volumes of the lobby and the porch. This residence is equipped with non-moveable furniture that serve for the preservation of the household objects, wooden-case, wall-closets, chimneys, wells, etc.
This residence has some rooms that serve only for, living, eating, sleeping, cooking and so on. The outside environment of this museum is known for combining nature with massive museum objects. Parallel to the well is placed the olive-press, and the wool-press, which presses the olives and gets their oil.
There are also many massive ceramic dishes that were used to contain liquids.