With its favorable position amidst the Adriatic and Ionian seas and highlands backed up on the Balkans, Albania climate variations from one region to another and contrasts in temperature, precipitation, solar lighting, air humidity, etc.

Albania is part of the band included in the subtropical and Mediterranean climate, with short winters and mild summers hot and very dry.

Average temperatures range from 7 ° C in winter to 24 ° C in summer. Part Mountain is characterized by a continental Mediterranean climate that was caused by air masses that dominate Eastern Europe and the Balkans. The main features of this area are strong winds in the north and northeast and average lower temperatures. Average rainfall is higher as a result of the combination of the two air currents, Mediterranean and continental ones. The level of precipitation varies from 600 mm per year in Korca, in 3100 mm per year in the Bog, the Albanian Alps. Here is worthy to mention that about 95% of all the country rains fall in winter season.